Supply Chain Assessments & Remediation

Supply Chain Assessments & Remediation

Our team of over 40 in-country experts are the best at what they do. We can strengthen your supply chain performance and relationships through providing on-the-ground support in your key sourcing regions.

Audits & Assessments

We carry out world-class audits and assessments of factories, farms and distribution centres. Our exceptional in-country experts use a combination of technical knowledge and soft skills to uncover and remediate human rights and environmental issues and address root causes.


We have created a ground-breaking supplier engagement programme called FORUM which re-frames industry Codes of Conduct to put human and business needs on equal footing. We engage in inclusive communication techniques with factory management and workers to facilitate self-driven improvements that build more resilient supply chains.

Responsible Sourcing Teams

We can provide you with a responsible sourcing team based directly in your key manufacturing countries. Our highly-skilled, experienced and flexible teams audit, remediate and build relationships with suppliers to improve their social and environmental performance.

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